Nutri Bowls - 14€

Power Bowl

chicken OR smoked tofu*, baby spinach, edamame, grated red cabbage & carottes, avocado, spring onions, sesame-soy sauce

Masala Veggie Bowl

grilled veggies (cauliflower, chickpeas, sweet potatoes), quinoa, baby spinach, feta OR hummus, mint coriander chutney, cashews, masala sauce

Spicy Hot Bowl (Soup)

coconut milk & green curry & green pea soup, quinoa, carots, grilled mushrooms, baby spinach

Wraps - 9€ / 8.5€ take away

Auden Wrap

chicken OR smoked tofu*, homemade summerslaw, cilantro, avocado, spring onions, baby spinach, side: salad + homemade vegan mayo

Houmous Wrap

homemade hummus, grilled veggies (sweet potatoes, mushrooms, beetroot), pickles, baby spinach, side: salad + homemade vegan mayo


Green Tartine 12.00

edamame wasabi humus, grilled mushrooms, avocado, spring onions, vegan mayo, orgnaic bread by < pain brut>

Breakfast Toast 8.00

banana, organic peanut butter, blueberry, honey, organic brad by <pain brut>


Bowl + Juice 19.00

Wrap + Juice 14.00 

excl. Protein Smoothies

Bowl + Soup 18.00

Wrap + Soup 13.00 

small bowl of soup + bowl / wrap of choice

Cold pressed juices 30cl

Pomme ou Orange 4.00

One-Oh-One 5.50

apple, carot, orange

Refresha 5.50

mint, apple, ginger, pineapple

Smiley 6.00

orange, apple, pineapple, carot, lime

Mack Daddy 6.00

orange, apple, ginger, carot, beetroot, lime

Winter Boost 6.00

grapefruit, orange, clementine, lime

La Mamma 6.00

apple, celery, baby spinach, ginger, cucumber, lime

Deetoxxx 6.00

apple, baby spinach, pear, cucumber, fennel, ginger

Framboosy 6.00

raspberry, mint, apple

Shot 3.00

apple, ginger, curcuma 

Smoothies - 40cl

Blu Berrymore 5.50

banana, raspberries, orange, blueberries

Avo Drill 6.00

avocado, pear, apple, baby spinach

Wakey Wakey 6.00

espresso, cacao, almond butter*, banana, milk 

PopEye Deluxe 6.00

banana, pineapple, mango, baby spinach, coconut water

Protein Smoothies - 40cl

The Creamy 5.50

banane, peanut butter*, protein (chocolat taste)*, milk

The Fancy 6.00

blueberries, banana, chia, protein (vanilla), milk

La Renata 6.90

pear, almond butter*, cinnamon, oat*, banana, protein (vanilla)*, hemp seeds*, milk

Vanilla Chai 6.00

banana, protein (vanilla)*, homemade chai mix,almond butter*, milk, oat*


Porridge à la Sven 7.00

oat*, oat milk, banana, peanut butter*, honey

Porridge “Auden” 7.50

oat*, pear, oat milk, almond butter*, pecan nuts, cinnamon, maple syrup

Porridge NEWTELLA 7.50

oat*, oat milk, banana, “newtella” (homemade hazelnut paste), granola, maple syrup

Halva Porridge 7.50

oat*, oat milk, tahini, dates, banana, walnuts, honey

Granola / Smoothie Bowls

Granola Bowl 7.00

yoghurt, granola, seasonal fruits, honey; option coconut yoghurt (+ 1.00 €)

Smoothie Bowl: AvoChoco Bowl 9.00

avocado, banana, cacao powder, dates, milk, granola, hemp seeds*, blueberries

Smoothie Bowl: Exotico Bowl 9.00

banana, pineapple, mango, coconut milk, granola, chia seeds*, kiwi, raspberries

Smoothie Bowl: Acai Protein Bowl 9.50

banana, acai, red fruits, almond milk, vanilla or vegan protein, granola, hemp seeds

Hot Drinks

Espresso  1.80

Americano  2.20

Macchiato  2.50

Cappuccino  3.50

Latte macchiato  4.00

Café Mocha  4.00

Gingerbread Latte 4.50

Hot Chocolate  4.00

Infusion d’hibiscus  3.00

Infusion de menthe fraîche  3.00

Thé bio  3.00

Chai Latte  4.00

Ginger-lemon-honey tea  4.00

Cold Drinks

S. Pellegrino 0.5l 2.90 

Evian 0.5l 2.90 

Limonade maison 30cl 3.00 

Ice Tea maison 30cl 3.00 

Iced Coffees

 Iced Latte 30CL 4.00 

Café frappé 30CL 3.00

Beer, Wine & more

Organic Beer “Kiss’Wing”


blonde / blanche/ambrée 33cl 4.90

IPA 33cl 5.90


Organic Wine 

glass 15cl: 4.00 bottle: 18.00

Blanc “Paul Mas” bio 

Rouge “Paul Mas 1892” bio 

Rosé “Domaine Lauriga” 


Prosecco 15cl 4.00 

Mimosa 15cl 4.00 (Prosecco, jus d’orange) 

Hugo 30cl 6.50 (Prosecco, elderflower syrup, mint, sparkling water)

Choose your milk: dairy milk // non-dairy (+0.50€): soy, oat, almond, coco, hazelnut
Our protein: Alter Nutrition© french organic protein: whey or pea-rice (vegan)