At AUDEN we serve delicious & healthy food and beverages that satisfy your hunger and nutritional needs in a cozy and friendly atmosphere. Spending time at Auden is more than just having a coffee or a snack out – we invite you to spend quality time for your mind, body and soul!

The Team

Dr. Audrey Faure, PhD

Founder and head chef of Auden; doctor in food science and nutrition expert; passionate about cooking

Sven Mozsar

Founder Auden; certified sports coach; Auden’s official “smoothie operator”


We produce our nutritious bowls, wraps, smoothies and juices with products of highest quality for everyone. All of our dishes and beverages can be made 100% vegan. Furthermore, we limit our meat consumption to a specific amount per day. The preparation of our well-thought-out recipes are taking place right upon your order. Everybody’s benefit is what we try to achieve, therefore we focus on environmental and economical sustainability. This involves our choice of seasonal food from local producers and suppliers whenever possible to keep the distance from the field to your plate short.


Since the very beginning we refuse to use plastic straws and non-biodegradable plastic containers for take out.

Especially when it comes to take out, reducing waste is a teamwork! To encourage our clients’ contribution to less waste we are offering a discount on our food and beverages for clients that bring their own food containers for take out.

Additionally, we are teaming up with our friends from LOOPEAT – a Montpellier based company that offers awesome take away containers. 

Our tables are made out of recycled wood and our chairs are all second hand. Beyond that we want to use only recyclable and environmental-friendly materials to conserve our planet’s resources.